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Epoxy Poker Table

Epoxy Poker Table| Epoxy Table| White Bonsai

Epoxy Poker Table

Nowadays most people are using epoxy resin products in their houses and office to make there more beautiful. There are various applications for epoxy resin but one of the most common of them is creating a table. Also, some producers try to create practical tables and boards such as chess or football table. One of the games, which has so many fans, is poker which is played in so many occasions. It has a special table which we can see in casinos or houses. In this article, we are going to discuss how producers can produce epoxy poker tables.

Epoxy resin

The resin is a material obtained from the gum of particular trees such as pine. Epoxy resin is created using a combination of two main materials called resin and hardener.  This product is utilized for some fine art like creating the table, furniture, jewelry and statue and so on because it has good durability and Resistance. It is also customizable in both the shape and the design and color. As a result, it absorbed so many fans around the world.


We can design epoxy poker tables with various designs and sizes. Generally speaking, we customize these products according to the customers’ views.  Also, the color of this table can be customized according to the customers’ opinions. For example, there is a range of colors which we can use to create an epoxy poker table including blue, green, red and even transparent tables.

Furthermore, we can design them using different wood and objects. For instance, we can use walnut wood for olive wood. Also, the resin can work as a maintainer and you can put some objects like jeton or dice inside of the resin. It is transparent and you can see the objects clearly.

You can also use the lamp and LED along a table to make a table more beautiful as well as make a table light.


The legs of a table play an essential role in a table. We can use various models of legs for each table. They can bear the weight of a table. There are various models of legs such as Chrome, Iron, Steel and so on.

Epoxy Poker Table| Epoxy Table| White Bonsai


In conclusion, we can use an epoxy table to create a professional poker table. This table would be more beautiful than other kinds of tables, and it can absorb customers’ attention.

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