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Epoxy As a Conserver

Epoxy as a conserver of your object| Epoxy Table| White Bonsai

Epoxy As a Conserver

Sometimes it would happen to you that you want to conserve an object which is memorizable for you or make an object as a statue to put in your house or office. Although some may use alcohol or other conservers to preserve their items, it is a liquid and might be poured or the color of that would be changed. So, we can use epoxy resin as a conserver so that we put your items inside of them to keep it safe. In this article, we will talk about epoxy resin as a conserver and discuss its advantages and disadvantages.  

When we want to keep an object safe for a long time like a hundred year, we should use a material which does not lead to bacteria and other tiny pests becoming near that. Thanks to epoxy resin which make a vacuum situation for us, we can put our stuff inside of a mold and pour resin on it. After some days, resin become hardened and the object will be inside of that.


According to the advantages of this method, we can design this resin object the way we want. For instance, we can put some LED lamps inside of that to make it more beautiful. Also, we can design it with various colors of resin such as blue, red, and green. As a result, we would have a decorative object. Moreover, it is waterproof and resistant which means that it can tolerate load and hit.


Regarding resin drawback, it is more expensive than other materials like alcohol. The operation of making resin could take some days and it needs a professional worker who knows about resin. This means that if you do not know how much you should pour resin and hardeners before mixing them, the resin will be destroyed. Also, you cannot take your object from that or add another object inside of that because it will be hard and if you want to take it you should cut it.


In conclusion, epoxy resin is a substance which has good resistance to weather conditions and hit. we can conserve our objects using epoxy resin. We can also design it using wood and some other objects as well as various colors.

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Epoxy as a conserver of your object| Epoxy Table| White Bonsai
Epoxy as a conserver of your object| Epoxy Table| White Bonsai

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