All our products are produced from the heart of nature and with the wood of natural trees, and no wooden artifacts will be used. Good sense of life with natural products taken from the forest using trees that are broken naturally.

No trees will be cut for your orders and we use trees that have been broken by storms, earthquakes and natural disasters.

Nok, Nok, Nok, Heloooo !!!

Are slabs allowed to enter the warehouse?

Every slab of wood is not allowed to enter the warehouse of the factory, and all trees and wood must be sampled and tested before entering the warehouse to make sure that the wood has the required moisture content and there are no wood insects in them, and there is room for Their growth is not there either.

All the wood entering the factory must be tested to ensure that it has the right moisture and dryness for production, and that the environment for the growth of insects in the warehouse is not provided.

Patrick W.

Wood expert

What is the priority?

The most important priorities for us in this industry...

Our most important priority at white Bensai Company is customer satisfaction, and to achieve this goal, we use the best raw materials, the most up-to-date industrial machines, and the most professional wood specialists. The final product must be measured according to the standards of the world and the final quality control must be carried out with the highest precision.

Also, the raw materials should not be harmful to the consumer’s health, that’s why after the final production, as the last stage of production, we cover the surface of the table with anti-scratch crystal varnish to make sure that the final product is not harmful to the customer.
The resin tables made in the white bonsai factory are like jewels and should be packed like a jewel so that they are not damaged during transportation. All products are packed with multiple layers of insulation and are guaranteed to arrive safely at the customer’s door.